Group Therapy

Group therapy is the treatment of choice in a variety of situations. For people who specifically wish to explore and improve patterns of interpersonal relating, group therapy offers a safe, private forum for learning about one’s sensitivities and behaviour patterns in relationships, and provides opportunities to experiment and practice new, more rewarding and effective ways of relating.

Group psychotherapy is also especially effective for people who have not found individual therapy to be helpful, where therapy has gotten stuck on an intellectual level, leading to cognitive insight but limited personal change.

Group therapy

  • addresses feelings of isolation, providing relief in the knowledge that one is not alone, unusual or strange in the issues they face
  • allows vicarious learning about oneself and relationships by witnessing the work of other group members
  • enables learning about one’s relationship dynamics by exploring the actual relationships in the group
  • demonstrates that change is possible by seeing others who have made progress with similar problems

Change unfolds through the process of meeting with a therapy group on a regular weekly basis to talk confidentially about personal matters. The groups that I offer in my practice, as part of INTERELEMENTS GROUP PSYCHOTHERAPY, consist of a maximum of 8 group members. Groups are facilitated by two therapists, myself and an experienced colleague, as we help group members explore, understand, and change their ways of relating to themselves and to others.

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