Individual Therapy

How does it work?

Therapy is a deeply personal conversation, with a rhythm and focus that is unique to each individual. Together we explore the significant experiences and relationships that have shaped who you are. At your own pace we examine the areas in your life that pose challenges and obstacles. We explore the emotions, fears, wishes, expectations, and ties to loved ones, that shape your perceptions of current situations, and cause you to repeat self-defeating patterns of behaviour and interpersonal relating. Working together we probe the emotional obstacles that keep you from letting go of self-defeating patterns and stop you from experimenting with new, more constructive ways of being.

Individual psychotherapy helps to increase self-knowledge and self-acceptance, to be able to change longstanding patterns, to have more of a sense of control and choice in one’s life, and to be more at peace with one’s self. It helps to recognize and reclaim inner emotional resources, and to develop resiliency in the face of life’s inevitable challenges.

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